Circuit Breaker Panel Box

circuit breaker panel boxIf you have been thinking about upgrading the electrical system of your home then you would certainly need professional help. It is very important to hire an experienced professional who would take care of the extension and upgrade work of the power supply system. You would probably need a new set of circuit breakers that would be added to control power supply to different parts of your house. The circuit breakers are stored together in a panel box at a certain part of the home so that they do not get damaged due to external situations. It is very important for you to have some basic knowledge about the circuit breaker panels to have a general idea about the same.

Know about circuit panel box

As a homeowner it is important for you to be familiar about the circuit breaker panel box that is generally located at the basement or the laundry area. In many homes, the box is located outside the home so you really need to figure out where it is located in your home. If you have a large home then you might notice that there are more than one circuit breaker boxes at your home. You need not worry about them as one of them would be the main panel box and the other ones would be sub panel boxes that are used as additional options. The panel boxes are generally located on the wall and are gray in color. You will notice several different circuit breakers when you open up the doors of the panel box. All the circuit breakers are useful as they control the input and output of power of every appliance in your house. You would also notice that there is one circuit breaker that is the main one which controls power supply to the entire home. If you turn it down then the power supply to the entire home will be stopped.

Importance of circuit breaker box

The circuit breaker box is considered as the heart of the electrical system of a home. If there is something wrong with it then the power will be interrupted to the entire home. It has been designed to ensure safety at home so that no unfortunate incident occurs at your home. The potential danger of fire or other hazards can be expected in the absence of circuit breakers as it is practically impossible to get electricity at home. If there is anything wrong with the electrical system of the home like overload or a short circuit then the circuit breakers help. They stop the flow of electricity in the home just in case any fault is detected in the electric flow. Short circuits are one of the main reasons that cause fire at homes, so circuit breakers are greatly helpful to prevent such accidents.

The flow of electricity

The electricity that is produced by the utility company is transferred to your home via underground conduits, overhead power lines, or a combination of both. They are connected to the electric meter of your home from where they are transferred to the main electric panel of the home. From the electrical panel the electric is distributed to different parts of the home like light fixtures, electric outlets and other electrical appliances. The electricity panel box comes in different sizes and types. They also have different configurations for the specific needs of different users. The circuit panel box can be located both inside and outside the house. However, it is generally located inside the house to offer better security and easy access.

If you want to upgrade the electrical system of your home then you must call an experienced professional. He would ensure the safety of your home by working properly on the electrical distribution system. If you hire an inexperienced person then he might not offer satisfactory results. He might also commit some mistakes that would be hazardous for your safety and the safety of your home. If you are unsure about the service quality of a professional then you should consider asking your neighbors or friends who have hired experienced professionals in the past. They would help you find someone who is reliable, professional and experienced. Make sure to check the licenses and permits of the contractor you are considering hiring for your job.